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Travel Safety at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a day that is celebrated in the United States and Canada, is an annual holiday giving thanks to the harvest and a time to express gratitude. It is believed that the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, a year after the Plymouth Colony, the first established plantation, settled in Massachusetts when they arrived in the New World.

However, while it may have religious origins, it was also a time that saw two culturally different people united: the Native Americans and the pilgrims.

These days, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated by millions of people from different races, ethnicities, cultures and creeds and has become a widely celebrated holiday that brings people from all lives together under one roof.

And with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, there will be many thinking about the abundant of food that needs to be prepared for the family gatherings that occur on this annual holiday.

Yet, while it is certainly a time to give thanks, it is also a time to be conscious of you and your familyís safety, particularly if you are travelling to enjoy the feast prepared.

Below are several pointers that will help make your Thanksgiving a safe one.

1. Roads. If youíre driving to your destination your best option is to stick to main roads to maintain your safety. Even though itís very easy to pick short cuts in order to reach your destination, you may be stuck for help if you run into trouble on a deserted stretch of road. On a main road in trouble you can always locate a payphone nearby.

2. Baggage. When it comes to visiting family across the US, flying is generally the preferred option. This means you need to bring baggage with you, which means you need to be aware of what you pack making sure that you pack your own essentials for your Thanksgiving holiday. In order to avoid any confusion at the airport, check before leaving what is allowed and what is prohibited in carry-on luggage.

3. Know Your Destination. For those that are taking a holiday away from the homestead they will need to know where they are going, how to get there and the possible trouble they may incur along the way. By taking all the precautions and being prepared before you leave home you should not run into any difficult trouble. However, if you are on your own and do need to ask someone for help, avoid giving

them the direct address of where you are staying; instead give them an obvious landmark that you can use in order to direct yourself to your final destination.

4. Be Alert. Always be alert to your surroundings when you are travelling this Thanksgiving Day holiday. While you may be excited to see family members you havenít seen in a while, there will be others waiting to take advantage of those unaware to what they are doing or to their belongings. After all, you donít want your Thanksgiving ruined by having your bag stolen simply because you werenít aware of the prying eyes.

While these may be simple enough steps to follow, that doesnít mean everyone does. Those that do will be eliminating trouble that others may incur. Make your Thanksgiving a memorable one for you and your family and give thanks for your safe arrival as you tuck into the feast prepared.

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