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Chaperone Safety for Your Children this Valentine's

We've all been there. All of a sudden eyes connect across gym class or hands touch as notes are passed along that causes a slow blush to creep up onto our cheeks. And all of a sudden we fall in love. Well, thatís what it feels like anyway at such a young tender age.

Young love is a sweet thing, but that doesnít mean itís any easier as an adult. While parents always want to see their children happy, they also want to make sure that they are safe.

Now that Valentine's Day is just around the corner there may be an increase in the number of requests from your children to go out with their one true love on this special day. And, however sweet this may be, it is important to remember the threats that linger outside the safety of your home.

Albeit, the young lovers date wonít be doing anything more than a shy cinema date as they enjoy their shared popcorn, unknown threats may be waiting to take advantage of those who have their head up in the clouds away from whatís happening in reality.

So, instead of sending your child off on their innocent date, you should consider these following tips to ensure the safety of your child while also allowing them the freedom to have fun.

•  Be a Chaperone. The ideal way of ensuring that your child and their date are safe is by acting as a chaperone. Get a friend or your other half to come alone too, so you can enjoy Valentineís Day as well. During the date, it can be taken for granted that while the young lovers won't want you near them on their date, simply being close by will give you the peace of mind that they are safe no matter what.

•  Act as a Chauffeur. There are too many cases in today's society where children are being snatched off streets and put into cars and taken away from the life that they know. But, by acting as a chauffeur you can avoid these possibilities by ensuring that they arrive safely to their date destination while also having a form of transportation that will get them safely back home.

•  Be the Lookout. Of course, during the date maintaining your distance will be extremely appreciated. However, thatís not to say that you shouldnít still be looking out for them. While they may like the idea of them being able to do their own thing on Valentineís Day, which will give them a sense of being grown up, they will also be glad to have you in the background just in case something does go wrong during the night. Your role is to be on the lookout for any potential predators who may think the youngsters are by themselves and will be easy prey when the right moment presents itself.

•  Have Fun. Even though you are there to make sure your child and their date are safe you should also make sure you have fun as well. After all, it is Valentineís Day and the perfect time for many to show their appreciation of their loved ones.

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