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It's Spring Time: Are Your Children Playing

When we think of spring we think of losing an hour's sleep in bed as the clocks go forward, longer evenings, warmer weather, the end of winter and more time outside to enjoy what we love doing.

As a result of the longer daylight hours, children will be staying outside for longer. This means it's important that you know where they are, what they are doing, and who they are with. Even though it's a good thing for children to spend as time outside exercising and taking in the fresh air, that doesn't mean parents should be any less concerned with what their children are doing.

To make sure that your child can have a safe time outside now that spring is here consider these safety tips that will ensure their safety and give you the peace of mind you desire about their whereabouts.

1. Communication. Communicating with your children is very important if they are heading outside to play. Ask them where they are going and who with, making sure to give them a time to be back home at. Before they leave you may even want to consider ringing your child's friend's parent's to make sure what they tell you tallies up.

2. Reiteration. If they are heading off someone away from your house to play, maybe the park, reiterate the importance of not talking to strangers to them. Even though they may have heard this before it is necessary that you remind them of this so that they can be aware of what's going on around them at all times.

3. Distance. While it may be tempting for them to wander off now that the evenings are longer you should make sure that they don't stray too far. Set them a distance that is not too far from home. This way if darkness does begin to descend on them they won't have far to travel to get back home. If darkness does begin to creep up you should think about meeting them halfway so that they have a safe passage home.

4. Stay Aware. By making sure that your child is aware of what's going on around him/her they can avoid a dangerous situation that could put them at risk. With the number of child abductions every year, being aware should be of paramount importance to them. Not only that, but by being aware they can remove themselves from a situation that may be less likely if they are not aware of their surroundings.

5. Phone Contact. If they are old enough you may want to think about getting them a phone. This way you will always be able to reach them should you need to at a moment's notice. It also means that if they need to get into contact with you they will be able to. Try to avoid buying them a phone that is expensive looking. Instead, buy them a phone that doesn't make them a target for potential thieves.

By implementing this tips into your life you can ensure that your child has a safe spring time while outside. It doesn't take long to put these steps into action which should be more of an incentive to all parents. By doing so you will know that your child is outside enjoying themselves with the knowledge that they are safe.

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