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Maximize Your Child's Safety during the Winter Months

Winter is slowly, but surely on its way and with it the darker evenings with the changing of the clocks.

Now is a time of the year when parents should think about extra safety measures that they can put into place for their children's wellbeing when it comes to traveling home safe after school or after-school activities during the evening hours.

Thankfully, there are several ways in which you can do this, which this article hopes to focus on for parents that are searching for ways in which to maintain their children's safety.

  1.  Transport. For some, picking their children up is not a feasible option due to a lack of home transport, which means that taking public transport, walking or cycling are the only options available. In order to make sure your children remain safe you should set out at a particular time so as to meet them on time before they finish with school activities.
  2.  Safety in numbers. If for some reason you can't pick them up after school due to work commitments you should ensure that your child has someone to travel home with. Are there children in the neighborhood who go to the same school? Perhaps you could start a buddy system, whereby you can guarantee that everyone gets home safely.
  3.  Sticking to populated areas. Of course it goes without saying that when your child is getting back home from school they should stick to areas that are well lit and have people. Even though it may be tempting to take a short cut down a dark alley, they can't be sure that someone is not hiding down the alley waiting to make their move on an unsuspecting person.
  4.  Use your voice. The most powerful tool your child has is their voice. By using it they will attract attention to themselves and the person who has tried to approach them. Using their voice will also scare the person off. As a parent you should explain to them the importance of using their voice as it could make a huge difference in making sure that they stay safe.
  5.  Sound the alarm. Another measure that you should consider putting into place is the use of a personal alarm. These handy devices can easily be secured on to a set of keys or easily held in a person's hand. When it is needed all that is required to sound the alarm is simply pulling a clip out, which will instantly sound a piercing loud alarm. The alarm will remain on until the clip is put back into place, which means that there is a very good chance that someone somewhere will hear it. It's also a good deterrent to any would-be assailant, scaring those off who happen to approach your child one evening.

These are just some of the measures in which you can better maintain the safety of your children now that the nights are closing in and winter is on its way. Not only that, but it gives parents the peace of mind they require to know that their children are safe at all times.

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