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Spend the Longer Nights in Safety this Summer

The official start to summer is only a few weeks away and like many you will be planning your summer getaway with your family. Whether youíre flying to another country to experience the culture of a different world or driving across state lines you should make sure that the safety of those with you, particularly your children is assured.

Here are some tips to consider when traveling this summer regardless where you are going:

1. Vaccination Shot Ė If you are traveling abroad itís a good idea to make sure that your children are up-to-date with their vaccination shots prior to leaving the country. A quick visit to the doctors will sort this out if itís not something you have considered. After all, while you may be less worried at home where you are traveling too may not have the same level of hygiene or safety, which is why itís a good idea to protect them from any unwanted infections.

2. Know Who to Trust Ė Whether you are staying within the United States or traveling internationally this summer you should teach your children to look out for people they trust to help them out. For example make them spot a security officer in uniform or a mother with children who will be able to help them if they become separated from you.

3. Airplane Seat Ė Even though most airlines will allow children under the age of two to sit in the motherís lap while flying, it is worthwhile to bring along an FAA approved car seat to ensure your child is safe and secure on the plane.

4. Names and Tags Ė Avoid putting your childís name on anything that can be seen by other people, for instance the outside of their bag or clothes. This will only attract unwanted attention from people you donít want and will put them into a false sense of security believing that they must know the person as they know their name.

5. Stay Aware Ė It goes without saying that when you are in a crowded area such as an airport or at a tourist attraction that you keep a watchful eye on your children. You should know what they are doing and where they are at all times and they should be prevented from wandering off in unfamiliar places. Itís also worthwhile to keep a recent picture of your children on you just in case you need it to help police identify your missing child.

6. Maintain Control Ė Regardless of where you are going it is important that you maintain control over your children. If you are flying on a plane this job is not up to the flight attendants, but yourself. Stopping them from being unruly means that you can prevent them from running around, which could see them attracting the attention of others who may want to do them harm.

Traveling with children can be tough, but it can also be fun. By taking the necessary measures before and during your travels you will find that it doesnít have to be a stressful adventure for you, but can be an enjoyable and relaxing break that you can all enjoy.

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