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Baby Safe Haven

Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2019
Earlier this month, a newborn baby was wrapped in a plastic bag and disregarded like a piece of trash in someone's yard in Georgia. Since then, the baby has been named "India" and is doing well in her foster home. Since she was abandoned without any trace of who she is - police are stumped to where she came from and why she was not left at a Safe Spot. In Georgia, an infant up to 7 days old can be dropped off at any medical center without any fear of arrest or prosecution. Each state has different drop spots and ages that they take infants. Source: People News
I know what your thinking, "How can anyone just throw an innocent baby in a plastic bag to die?" - And police are still trying to figure that out.

There are options out there that I think young/new mothers do not know about - Have you ever heard of Baby Safe Haven? Baby Safe Haven is a National program put in place to help mothers who are unable to care for their children find a safe place to surrender them. Here in my state, we have churches, fire stations, hospitals and even police stations that will take in an unwanted child without criticizing the mother. Many buildings have drop boxes that will send a private alarm when a baby is placed in one, assuring the baby will get immediate and proper help. The NHSA program has saved over 4,000 unwanted children find loving homes since it's launch!

I was able to contact one of the directors for the National Safe Haven Alliance and able to chat with her shortly about their program. We thought there were some important things for everyone to know about the Safe Haven Program:
- Each state has different approved locations to drop off a baby as well as different requirements (age, medical records).
- All states will take the baby anonymously, but some states require a short medical history.
- The National Safe Haven Alliance hotline can help mothers who's children are no longer covered under the age criteria - meaning if you have a two year old you can no longer care for, they can help you find someone to help.
- They also can help with short term care - meaning help a mother find someone to take her children short term while she takes care of whatever it is she needs to that makes it to where she cannot parent the child.
- The The Website also has each state's laws so you can look into them!
- National Safe Haven Alliance has a 24 hour hotline at 1-888-510-BABY(2229).

I think in societies eyes, if a mother gives up a baby in the public eye, they are frowned down on. We don't know that mother's struggle. We don't know what kind of situation she is in. By a mother surrendering an unwanted child, she is giving that child a chance at life! This is where the Safe Haven law comes into play and can save a child's life.

But what if your area does not offer something like that? Then what is a mother supposed to do?
- Call the National hotline!
- Get to a location that does have help!
- Does the child's father want to be in the child's life? Maybe he has family that could raise the baby?
- Ask for help before the child is born. (Whether that means having family adopt the child or a private agency help find the child a home)
- If a mother is given no options - she should drop the baby off at the hospital and explain her circumstances, no matter the child's age.
- NEVER leave a baby for dead. There are other options. Leaving a baby on a doorstep rather than plastic bag in a yard, will have a better shot at life!

I hope this can shed some light on an amazing program that is available out there and many people do not know about. When the program started, it was not given a big advertisement or promotion which is why so many people have never heard of it.

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