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Teacher/Student Relationships

Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2017
We have seen it on the news, we have seen it on lifetime - inappropriate teacher/student relationships. But what defines an inappropriate student/teacher relationship? Not all unhealthy t/s relationships derive around sexual contact.

What is an inappropriate contact level between student and teacher?
- hitting, threatening, harassment, sexual contact, excessive "favors", good grades that are not earned.
- facebook friendship as well as other social media "friends"
- text or phone call exchanges

How can you prevent inappropriate relationships between your child and his/her teacher?
The best way to prevent any kind of grooming or inappropriate relationships between your child and an adult is to talk to them. Talk to your children about the long term consequences this can have on them as well as the adult. They should know that this type of behavior is not approved of, appropriate or even legal and can have severe consequences.

How can you tell if a teacher has crossed a line with the student?
Parents: Please monitor your children's technology! Check texts, emails and social media often! If your student is talking about a certain teacher more than the others, that can be normal, but if he/she is obsessively talking about that teacher, there may be an issue.
Is your straight A student staying after school to help the same teacher over and over with no reasoning at all? Or is your child that is failing suddenly a straight A student with no reason to how?
Or is your child acting out? Most teens do around a certain age. It can be very hard to determine if your child is having an inappropriate relationship with a teacher or a possible boyfriend / girlfriend.

What do can you do if you have some suspicions about your student having an inappropriate relationship with his/her teacher?
First off, you need to talk with them to determine if this is a relationship with a teacher or a peer. You must realize that accusing an innocent teacher can be very damaging. We always try to tell you to trust your gut - so talk to the teacher. If you still feel uneasy, talk to a higher up in the school. And if your going to talk to a higher up, try to have some sort of proof to stand your ground so the school takes it seriously.

Social media seems to be the downfall for these teachers who are caught grooming children. Which is why we highly suggest monitoring your child's internet time and content that they are sending/receiving/viewing. Social Media being used to become more than friends

Next week Family Watchdog will talk about child grooming and how to tell if your child is being groomed by an older adult.