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Choosing a pet

Posted on Monday, June 19, 2017
Family Watchdog normally highlights safety issues and hot topics in our blog. But this blog, we wanted to dedicate a whole entry to highlight pet adoption, vetting and safety tips, from our family to yours.

Picking the right pet

When choosing a pet that best fits your family, there are lots of factors to consider. Family Watchdog wanted to help you make sure you are considering the right pet for you and your family by bringing up somethings that you and your family should consider.

Your lifestyle will determine if you should have a dog. Dogs are more outgoing and need more training and attention than most other options.
- Dogs need to be trained, exercised, socialized and housebroken.
- Dogs like to play, they need lots of human interaction and stimulations.
- Dogs can shed alot and often need groomed.
- They protect while your gone and greet you when you come home!

Cats are generally more low maintenance than dogs and can be left alone for longer periods of time, which means they are great for busy families or a working individual with long work hours.
- Cats have a variety of personalities, some are affectionate lap cats while others are zipping all over the place.
- Cats still need trained and socialized, but not as much as a dog.
- Cats entertain themselves with ease.
- Cats love to cuddle

Small Animal
There are many small animals you can choose from. Please do your research and talk to a pet store employee upon buying a small pet to make sure you get the supplies and food you need for the new small pet.
- Reptiles (lizards, snakes)
- Furry Small Animals (Hedgehog, rats, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters)
- Fish
- Birds
- Insects (cockroaches or spiders)

Things to consider - Allergies
Many people, including guests and children's friends have allergies against pets. Please check with your doctor to make sure your family does not have a pet allergy to avoid having to rehome your pet due to allergies.

Will you have the time?
Training a pet takes alot of time. Puppies (and kittens) are like having little toddlers all over again. Are you ready for that?
When choosing a pet it's important to make sure your family has the time to train and interact with your pet daily.

Do I adopt?
To save a pets life of course! You can adopt anything from dogs, cats, horses to fish, rabbits and birds! Need more reasons? http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/adopt/tips/top_reasons_adopt.html

Or do I shop?
People go to breeders to maintain the bloodline of a pet. They can also see the pet's parents and learn the bloodline's temperament and any health issues that may occur.

Vetting your pet
Choosing a well known and decent veterinarian can be a difficult task. Your pet should see her doctor at least once a year for a wellness check and update on vaccinations. Puppies and kittens need a series of shots at a young age, every couple of months. If you find the right vet or even ask around, you can find specials on "puppy/kitten" packages - where you can get lower vetting by using the same doctor for all your needs.
Vaccinations are important and in most states, something your pet must legally have.
Please don't forget to spay and neuter your pet!
Pet microchip IDs are available at most vet clinics and are relatively cheap. If your pet gets lost or runs away, upon the pound picking them up, thy will scan the microchip and notify you if your pet is found.
Help me find a vet! http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/choosing_a_veterinarian.html

If you can think of anything to add that relates to pet safety or picking a pet, please comment below in the comment box! We love to hear from you! Also, please check our March newsletter for more information on pet safety topics - such as household poisons to toy safety!

PUPDATE! We had a reader (Cindy Grant) send us in this link here to tell us ALL about animal shelters. From local shelters, to large scale shelters, she goes into details about each one. You should really check it out!