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Spring Cleaning Motivation

Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2021
This past weekend was a long one. The weather has changed and spring appears to be here - or at least on it's first leg. I took a look at my house and decided to tackle all the things I have been letting slide for the last few months. I finally got around to taking down the Christmas lights outside and last week finally put away my indoor winter decor. Covid has hit us hard here at home - it's hard to tell what day is coming and going anymore and has my whole family in a funk.

I've been going over some blog ideas, but nothing really stuck since many places have cancelled Spring Break and March Madness isn't what it normally is. St. Patrick's Day doesn't even seem to be happening this year. So what else is there to do besides clean and tidy up? After all, it is Spring Cleaning Season! I took the last week or so redecorating our master bedroom to be more relaxing. After the little one goes to bed, I normally spend an hour or so just decompressing the day - so I wanted it to be the most relaxing atmosphere I could create.

Getting off my butt and in gear took months. I had an idea what I wanted to do, but just didn't have the energy. I needed to clean out old closets, fix some things around the house, change decor, deep clean... all the things I have been putting off for months. So how did I find the motivation? I didn't, but I just got up and did it because it needed done. Once I started cleaning, organizing and tossing things out, I felt so much better. Like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Then it got to be a challenge - how much can I fit into one day? Because going to bed in a clean room that looks and smells amazing, while being dog tired was just so *nice*.
Some things I noticed that helped me get motivated and get out of my winter "funk":
- Getting dressed for the day. Normally I rock leggings, sweats and a tee shirt. But it's totally different when you toss jeans into the mix.
- Some people like to listen to music or podcasts. I had crime shows playing on the TV in the background most days.
- I gave myself a reward. Might have been something to spruce up my room off Amazon, or it might have been thrift store shopping for decorative baskets. (Which was perfect because I could drop off donations and then shop!)
- I found new cleaning products that smelled amazing, like a basil cleaning spray. It made me look forward to cleaning the dining room table after dinner because the smell lingered for an hour or so!
- Set a realistic deadline. Have 20 loads of laundry to wash, sort, hang and donate? Instead of doing it all in a day, do a few a day. I use a planner to plan out my week and decide what gets done on what day so I don't overload myself.
- The most important thing I found is taking breaks helped me the most. When I was tired of one thing, I would move onto the next. Or I would take a walk outside and soak up the sunshine. We have been spending tons of time at the park this past week, which really helps boost that serotonin.
I also found that plants help calm stress (no wonder my parents had so many when I was growing up) and I am learning how to have a green thumb. I made a little area in my room that has some glowing lights and tons of plants. I am working on learning how to use the proper UV light and plant food. I am sure it will be a learning process but I am looking at it as a long term project! Plants near or next to your bed can help you get a better night's sleep. Not only do houseplants produce additional oxygen for your room - more oxygen at night is much better for a good night's rest. Plants also reduce the quantities of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and natural toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, helping you breathe better in general. Plus, they look super cute! Just make sure that they are non-toxic if they are in a location your pet can get to them!

If you are really struggling with getting motivated and your house is beyond messy because you just can't find the care to clean, you might be depressed. WHICH IS OK. If the everyday chore list is just too much for you to do, and you often find yourself overflowing with mess, it might be time to talk to your doctor. Wintertime blues is a real thing, and sometimes can overflow and reverse in the spring. Plus, with how the world as we know it is now, it can be pretty sad. Feeling down and sad all the time shouldn't be normal. Things will get better!