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Nurses' week

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024
What is Nurses' week?
National Nurses Week is an annual celebration of nurses' contributions to society, which is celebrated from May 6th to 12th every year. The week is a time to recognize nurses' service and dedication to caring for others and improving the health of patients nationwide. The American Nurses Association, legislators, local nurses, and health officials remained persistent in the fight to establish national recognition for nurses in the United States. The week is inclusive of all nurses, and there are some more specific celebrations throughout.

A little history lesson on Nurses' Week
1953: The first effort to establish a recognition day for nurses was when Dorothy Parker of the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare sent a proclamation to then-President Eisenhower. He never signed the proclamation.
1954: A National Nurse Week was observed October 11-16 in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's work during the Crimean War.
From the 1950s to 1970s, several bills were introduced to Congress, but none made it through the legislative process.
1974: The International Council of Nurses declared May 12 International Nurses Day. In the US, President Nixon signed a proclamation recognizing National Nurse Week.
1982: The ANA declared May 6 as National Nurses Day, which Ronald Reagan signed as an official proclamation
1990: The ANA extended the celebration to "Nurses Week," and the dates May 6-12 became permanent as of 1994.
Within Nurses Week, National Student Nurse Day is May 8, and National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday that falls during Nurses Week.

Why are nurses important?
REASON #1: Nurses Are Patient Advocates
REASON #2: Nurses Provide Most of the Direct Patient Care
REASON #3: Nurses Provide Compassionate Care
REASON #4: Nurses perform vital patient assessments
REASON #5: Nurses Play a Huge Role in Emergency Response
REASON #6: Nurses Assist Patients with Medication Management
REASON #7: Nurses Are a Source of Emotional Support
REASON #8: Nurses Are Critical Thinkers
REASON #9: Nurses Ensure Patient Safety
REASON #10: Nurses Are a Source of Health Education for Patients
REASON #11: Nurses Are Care Coordinators
REASON #12: Nurses Aid in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
REASON #13: Nurses Empower Patients
REASON #14: Nurses Contribute to Healthcare Innovation
REASON #15: Nurses Play a Significant Role in Infection Control
REASON #16: Nurses Help Patients Manage Their Pain
REASON #17: Nurses Engage in Lifelong Learning to Promote Positive Patient Outcomes
REASON #18: Nurses Serve in Leadership Roles Throughout Healthcare
REASON #19: Nurses Contribute to Industry Research and Evidence-Based Practices
REASON #20: Nurses Provide Telehealth and Telemedicine Services
... Need we say more? Nurses are pretty awesome! A nurse can make or break your medical experience. Sure, there are some that are just having some off days, but when you go to the doctor, or even a hospital, odds are, you spend more time with a nurse than you do the actual doctor! And most of these nurses studied as hard as doctors and deserve some recognition!

How can I make a nurse's day?
When you have a great nurse, it takes little to no effort to make their day! Here are some of our favorite ideas to help put a smile on their face!
Write a heartfelt note or thank you card, expressing your gratitude for their service and care.
If you are a nurse, thank your fellow nurses for their support and teamwork!
Make a post on social media about your positive experience with a nurse and tag them if they have an account.
Make a post on social media for all your nurse friends and make sure to tag them as well!
Write a positive review on Yelp or another online review site. Don't forget to mention the nurse's name and how they helped you.
You know those surveys they send out after a medical visit? DO THE SURVEY and don't forget to mention your nurse's name and praise!
Send flowers to the doctor's office, or hosiptal unit you visited. Make sure to make it directly to your nurse so they can gush over it with their friends.
Don't forget about snacks! Cater in some lunch or tray of cookies. Panera bagels are always a hit! Maybe even some coffee. I think every nurse needs coffee multiple times through their shift!
It's Ok To Thank A Nurse
It's so important to express how much you appreciate what they did for you. There just isn't enough gratitude shared every day. And as nurses, we do give so much without ever knowing if it made much of a difference.

Nursing has always been a profession that needs more than just your time and knowledge. Nursing requires heart, passion, and dedication to serving others. Nurses Week allows the public to acknowledge and thank nurses for the work they choose every day. It's a chance for us to pause and thank the nurses who have made a difference in our careers.