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Tips to Get Organized

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Instead of trying to get everything organized at once, I make a list of that needs done and some goals of when I would like it done. Sometimes life gets in the way, and my list doesn't get done for the day, and that's ok. The goal is to start getting in routine to get things organized. Here are some of my favorites tried and true tips!

- Get a planner. Avoid a traditional calendar and get a true planner. I really like Plum Paper planners where I can customize what I want it to look like. I have three categories on mine, priorities (for appointments and urgent things for the day), family (so I can keep track of all the kids' activities, appointments and school functions), and work (so I can keep track of what I need to do for the day at work such as goals). You can also add on your shopping lists, brain dumps, chores and affirmations depending how you customize it.
My favorite thing about having a planner is I can glance at it throughout the day and see what I need to do. Also, I can take it with me anywhere I go and it's not as big as a traditional calendar!

- Use a chalkboard or dry erase board in a central location of the house for the kids. I like to list out the day on it with the date, appointments, dinner plans and all their chores for the day. I also include extra chores with a monetary value to motivate them to do a little extra housework - it works like a charm!
My favorite use for it is that I list everything I personally would like to get done in the day chore wise. That way my husband and older kids can see what I expect to get done. And it holds me accountable to what I need to get done, even if it's just a small task of doing the dishes. Checking off the things that I do get done is so satisfying!
I also use the chalkboard for weekly goals that I would like to get done, like the larger, more time intensive organizing. Need to get the closet organized, cat door installed, porch cleaned off? I add big tasks like that so I can take my time getting them done. And since my board is in a central location of the house, I see it daily and can't wait to get it checked off. I have had lots of friends try out my chalkboard method and absolutely love it because they get so much done!

- Have a room in the house that is overflowing with mess? Don't be ashamed, because I think that we all do. For me, my room is my office/crafting room. It is overflowing with supplies everywhere and about once a month, I get it deep cleaned and organized. One of the things I found that has helped me keep it organized is to have a space for everything in the room, and immediately put it away after using it. I found organizers that work for me off of my local marketplace, garage sales and store sales. I have 24 fabric bins that all match and store the things I don't need on a daily, and the top of the shelves are used as additional storage for things such as my laptop, purse and glue gun. It works for me and I have learned where everything is after lots of trial and error!
Another room that is constantly overflowing for us, is the kitchen. It has become a catch-all for all of my husband's items. He leaves his mail laying around, work items and the kids just seem to dump everything on every available counter. I go through and clean it up about once every other week. It could probably use a cleaning about every other day, but it's one of those battles I choose not to work on! And that's ok!

- I recently ordered some stair baskets off Amazon to encourage my kids to take their toys and other belongings to their rooms when they are done with them. I can't wait to see how this works; they have been on my "want" list for a while now! Basically, whenever I clean up the living room, I put each of their items in baskets for them to take to their rooms. Out of my living room and in an organized area.

- My mom was a professional organizer/cleaner, so I get a lot of my ideas from her, and she is constantly giving me some great advice on how to organize. When you visit friends or family, check out who has an organized house and see if they can offer you some advice, or even help to come over and help you get your place organized. Once it's organized, it's only maintaining.

- Find a buy nothing page on Facebook for your local area. You can score some great finds to help you keep organized, and even things you didn't know you needed! By adding yourself to one of these groups, you will be more motivated to donate things as you find you don't need them. I just started a clean out of my basement "dump" room and found all kinds of things to donate because I haven't used them in over a year - such as a treadmill, futon, fish tanks, lamps, animal accessories and audio equipment. Within a few hours of posting, everything was claimed. And the best part? I just set it on my porch for pickup - or the larger items the receiver comes and gets it out of my basement, so I don't have to bother with moving it! I love posting all kinds of things that people may want or have use for before trying to throw it away! You never know what someone may need or have use for in their own home!
Don't have a local buy nothing group? You can post to Facebook marketplace but be prepared to receive tons and tons of messages!
Don't use Facebook or rather donate to a local thrift store? Some thrift stores will come and pick up your items you no longer want, especially if they are larger items like couches! Check what you have in your area that accepts donations!

- Getting on a routine to get organized is the most important thing that you will need to do. Set out some daily goals and stick to them. Hold yourself accountable! And remember, it's ok if you miss a day or don't get a goal done in time!

Those are all some of my favorite things I have done in my own home to be a little more organized that I have tried and find that work for me. I understand that what I do may not work for you, and you will have to find your own groove of things. But here are some more organizing tips from Shine Sheets that can really help you get on task with 99 ways to help you get organized: Check it out here.

So, get planning, set some goals and tackle those organizational jobs that need done around your house! I hope that some of my tips can work for you and your family to help keep your home clutter free. And remember, a house that has clutter, is lived in and well loved - it's not a show room house, it's a functional family home!