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AUGUST means summer is closing in and the kids are going back to school. Which means it's the perfect time to run a FamilyWatchdog search and check on your kid's route to school and to check the neighborhood the bus stop is.

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Bus Stop  Many states have laws that prevent registered sex offenders from living too close to schools and parks, but there are no laws that restricts their residence based on bus stop location. Given that suburban and rural America is scattered with bus stops, it is extremely likely that there are registered sex offenders that live near school bus stops. Registered sex offenders can move just like anyone else.

What if there is a registered sex offender near my child's bus stop?
A child should have a chaperone at each bus stop, this duty can be shared between parents (or even an older, responsible sibling) so everyone can make it to work on time while the children have a lookout. A chaperone will also serve as an aid to make sure the bus stops and there is no bullying. Notify your school district and request that they move the bus stop. Most transportation directors are reasonable people that truly have your child's safety as their top priority. If you alert them to the situation, they will likely accommodate your request to move the bus stop. There are various reasons why bus stops cannot be moved so there are no guarantees.
If your child walks to school, make sure they understand that for no reason, should they stop and talk to strangers. If they are old enough and understanding, show them the offenders off of our site so they can avoid certain people.

And as always, if a child runs into a situation where as someone makes them feel uncomfortable, make them know to tell an adult as soon as they get to school so that the problem can be assessed as soon as possible. We also wanted to make sure you and your children have a plan for after school activities and the buses for those programs. And we also wanted to make sure your children know what to do once they get home (if they are alone). Leave an emergency number list on the fridge and make sure a trusted neighbor can look after them. It might be a smart idea for the neighbor to hold onto an extra key since all kids will lose a key every now and then.

Are your grown children going off to college? Are you worried for their safety? Don’t be! We found an amazing site 100% dedicated to providing you and your student will tons of safety topics from college social life, dating safety to financial scams directed to students. Visit Protection 1 today with your student and talk about the real life risks of independent living.Don’t forget to check the new neighborhood and do some digging on your new dorm mates on!
August is also National Immunization month. It has perfect timing since school registration is on its way and most kids must be up to date on their shots. Are your kids up-to-date?
Computer  Do your children use the internet? Do you know who they are talking to on facebook? Many teens do not like to share their passwords with their parents to their email, facebook and twitter accounts. But as a parent, we need to keep them safe. There are many online monitoring programs available, and should only be used as a precaution. There is a fine line between snooping and trust issues. Learn to talk with your kids first before going through their emails.

Before you allow them to connect, know the facts!
•  Facebook "admins" can log into any profile, anywhere and see all those "deleted" messages and photos!
•  Cyber bullying is very real and going on everywhere!
•  Just because some things are set "private" does not keep people away.
•  10% of sex offenders use the internet for meeting people.

Most teenagers now have cell phones as well. Too often we get emails asking how to monitor where children are. And I would like to introduce everyone to our application Life360! ( It offers family maps, family chats and GPS. All for free - and all by invite only.
Question  We asked – "How do YOU protect yourself and family from a potentially dangerous neighbor? Do you stay aware, own firearms, learn karate or simply move away? What advice do you have for others with sex offenders living nearby?" This are some of the responses we received:

"If I post what I would do, the perps would have a heads up. Ever hear of the element of surprise??"- Margie F.

"My next door neighbor is a 25 yr reg. offender. I make copies of his registration card and pass them out in or area (Zachary, LA) he hates me. I do it about once a year. I got about 12 more yrs to do it." –Steve P. **Please make sure this is allowed where you live before doing something similar!**

"Unfortunately they are everywhere! We own firearms, have big dogs. And most important, we always talk to our kids about situational awareness. We don't have any registered in our small subdivision, but that doesn't mean they aren't here." –Bryanna L.

"Teach about stranger danger and I do not let my kids outside without me or a family member." – Keshia H.

"Over 25 years of Martial Arts and a few surprises to boot, along with guard dogs!" - Dave S.

For more responses, check out our Facebook. There are currently over 75 different responses from our followers.
We hope you had a great summer with the kids off school! And I am sure we are all looking forward to them continuing their education for the school year 2014-2015!

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